Just over 5 years ago Jim Smith and Earl Bassett started completing construction termite control pretreatment jobs for local construction companies.  Due to their prompt response time and thorough completion of termite prevention treatments, the companies continued to use what had become A-2-Z Pest Control, Inc.

At the time neither of these two entrepreneurs had intentions of leaving their current jobs.  But as the demand for their services rose, they quickly learned that a full time obligation was a must!

Further research into the needs of the community brought about the idea of residential pest control.  After providing the same promptness and effectiveness in this area of work, a very small client base began to grow into a profitable organization.

After a year of full time work, the company reevaluated its services and decided to offer yet another service to its customers.  This came in the form of humane wildlife removal.  Customers quickly caught on to the need for such a service and trusted A-2-Z Pest Control, Inc. with the prompt removal of nuisance wildlife from their homes and businesses.

Today, A-2-Z Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, Inc. continues to reinvent itself by researching and mastering new, more effective, methods of pest control and humane wildlife removal.  Initially licensed in North Carolina, A-2-Z Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, Inc. is also licensed as a pest control operator in Virginia, and carries all insurances required for full service pest control operation.

By focusing on customer satisfaction and offering fair, yet competitive, prices, A-2-Z Pest Control and Wildlife Removal, Inc. strives to become the leading pest control wildlife removal company in this region.